About Us

Mission Statement

We spend hours each week locating the highest quality ingredients and freshest local products for our menu. Everything in our restaurant from simple condiments, to breads and pastas, is made by hand so we know every ingredient that is used. This commitment to excellence of product and attention to detail insures that you receive the best possible food that can be produced. Our chefs constantly test themselves in local and nationwide competitions against highly talented colleagues to stay ready to bring new skills and flavors to our kitchen. Our only goal is to create the best food to make you smile.


Wade Moose Finds Chef for The Systems Depot

Moose feels fortunate to have Chef Shawn join the team at The Systems Depot.  For many years, Moose has been looking for a chef the caliber of Chef Shawn.  Wishing to provide his staff with daily chef prepared meals, Moose finally found the perfect fit for his team.  In addition to providing daily chef prepared meals, Chef Shawn offers employees the ability to purchase meals to take home in the evening.  Requirements for Scratch Depot’s Kitchen started with Moose insisting that only the highest quality ingredients were to be used in the establishment.  Moose made sure that any of the employees located in the corporate headquarters were able to eat everyday if they so desired at no charge.  Employees are asked to simply pay for what they can afford and what they feel the meal is worth to help cover the cost of the food.  Scratch will be available for catering and food pickup to the local surrounding businesses throughout the week.    


Chef Shawn Bank

Chef Shawn has always been involved and interested in food since he was a teenager. After working various food service jobs in high school he went on to work for Pine Island Country Club in Charlotte while attending Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, SC. He graduated with a double degree in 2004 for Culinary Arts and Food & Hospitality Management. Shawn then decided to relocate to New York to further his knowledge of food and eventually landed a job opportunity with his mentor Gordon Ramsay. He worked under Chef Ramsay for the next 5 ½ years twice at Maze in New York and once at The London in Los Angeles starting as a dishwasher and ending as his Chef de Cuisine in NYC in charge of all operations while the chef was away. After many years away Chef Shawn returned to North Carolina to be near family and went on to work for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, owned his own Battleground Steakhouse in Kings Mountain, NC and is now here at Scratch Depot’s Kitchen in Hickory.